serial_silat HSDS 2009 Review

By: Kur

Episode 21-40:

Deng Chao looks better and better as Wuji. Although sometime he still looks too confident, but most of the time he looks like the real Wuji.

Zhou Zhiruo looks wicked since the beginning of her appearance and she’s more like one of the antagonists in the story than a protagonist who have no choice but to do evil. We don’t feel pity for her in this series.

The biggest disappointment is Ady An as Zhao Min. She acts so "coquettish" which make Zhao Min character looks silly. Nearly all of her scenes with Wuji just like a teenager-romance-drama, not a serious-wuxia-drama.

As a whole, this series still watchable. It follows the novel closely (not changing the plotline or adding anything) and like other Zhang Jizhong’s production, it has high quality cinematography and grand epic feel.

This series isn’t as good as my expectation before. Now I rate it 7 out of 10. LOCH 2003, DGSD 2004, and DOMD 2008 much better than this one. But it’s still better than the later non-Zhang Jizhong productions such as BAS 2009 or LOCH 2008.


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